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Custom Wedding Invitations

Sophia Loves Letters designs custom wedding invitations, with all calligraphy and artwork done by hand for every design. Each invitation is unique to the couple, so it reflects their love story and truly represents their wedding day.


The Details

Custom wedding invitations are just that, custom! I create your invitation suite by hand from scratch, so it only has the elements you love. Obsessed with custom monograms? I’ll design one for your suite, and even turn it into a wax seal! Wedding ceremony taking place under a beautiful oak tree? I’ll do a watercolor painting of the tree to use in your invitation! Getting to know you and your story, and dreaming up how to tell that story through your wedding invitations is my favorite thing about being an invitation designer.

The Process

Step One

We chat about your vision, your story, and your wedding! I synthesize all that we talked about into a mini mood board and proposal for you to review. If you like it (fingers crossed) we make it official with an agreement, your deposit is due, and then the fun begins!

Step Two

I send over a questionnaire for you to fill out so I have all the important details about your wedding! After that I get to work on your sketch proofs. Sketch proofs provide an overview of your suite, and show all artwork and calligraphy that are included. You get unlimited rounds of sketch proofs, so that I can make sure we get things just right before creating all of the artwork.

Step Three

Once you approve the sketch proofs, I bring them to life! I create all the calligraphy and artwork included in your suite, and deliver a full color proof for you to review. This is the time for fine tuning, and ensuring that all of the information on each piece is correct. Three rounds of revisions are allowed to make sure everything is perfect before it gets sent to the printer!

Step Four

Your invitations come to life! The final approved design gets sent to the printer, and I wait not-so-patiently for all your pretty paper to be printed. It’s sent to me to do a final quality check, and I add any embellishments (wax seals, calligraphy addressing) that you chose. Once all of that’s finished, I carefully pack up your suite, and ship it to you!

The Fine Print

The cost of custom invitations can vary greatly, depending on paper, printing type, embellishments, etc. At minimum a custom suite will cost $1,500, but most couples spend between $2,000 for $5,000.

The process typically takes between eight to twelve weeks, and invitations should be sent six to eight weeks ahead of your wedding date.

I take on a limited number of custom invitation design projects a year, so that I can fully devote my time to each one. If you’re interested in having me create your invitations, please reach out as soon as possible!